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dotnet amsterdam meetup

Share knowledge, meet developers, learn and enjoy!

Meetup, what’s that?
A meetup for us has a high focus on bringing people together and letting them share knowledge and interact together. It doesn’t matter if you are attending, speaking or organizing; we are all responsible for making it a great evening full of knowledge sharing and helping each other. You don’t need to be a dotnet expert to join this meetup, even if you are still learning; this meetup gives you a great evening to learn, chat, and exchange experiences with other attendees.


What does an evening of dotnetness look like?

Time Description
18:30 - 19:00 Doors open (Doors close at 19:00, be sure to be on time)
18:30 - 19:30 Food, drinks and chat.
19:30 - 19:35 Welcome / Introduction
19:35 - 20:35 Presentation by speaker
20:35 - 21:15 Chat / drink afterwards
21:15 Closing

Call for speakers

To make meetups awesome, we need your help!

Whether you’re an experienced dotnet developer with a talk you’ve given before, or have recently become interested in dotnet and are still working on your idea, we welcome your proposal. We firmly believe you have something worthwhile to share, and you certainly don’t need to be an expert on everything to teach our share what you know with us all.

Is it your time to become the superstar of one of the next dotnet amsterdam meetups? Send a short summary of your talk/ presentation to and we will get it arranged. Next to providing you a stage, we will also record a high quality recording of your talk, which you are able to share with anyone that was unable to join us at the meetup itself.

Previous meetups

Missed our last event? No worries - we got you covered

5 June 2019 - Azure Operations Security
by Orin Thomas

meetup event page

5 June 2019 - Asynchronous messaging with Rebus
by Mogens Heller Grabe

meetup event page

1 April 2019 - Microsoft Azure - Serverless
by Eduardo Laureano & Asavari Tayal

meetup event page

1 Nov 2018 - Building production-ready APIs with ASP.NET Core 2.2
by Miroslav Popovic

meetup event page

1 Nov 2018 - All-in on Cloud; How We Moved from Million Euro Worth of Hardware to Azure PaaS
by Mikhail Shilkov

meetup event page

2 July 2018 - Lessons from the Azure API Management trenches
by Eldert Grootenboer

meetup event page

2 July 2018 - Performance in the Javascript Era
by Benjamin Howarth

meetup event page

16 May 2018 - Secure development: Keeping your application secrets private
by Henry Been

meetup event page

22 February 2018 - Creating Real-life Serverless Solutions with Azure Functions
by Jan de Vries

meetup event page

3 November 2017 - Don’t forget your database when doing Continuous Delivery

meetup event page

video is in Dutch

4 August 2017 - Microsoft HoloLens Developer Experience meetup

meetup event page

Travel Information

How do you get there?

Public transport

Effectory is at walking distance (11 minutes) from Amsterdam Central Station, see google directions.

By Car

There are a few parking garages at walking distance from Effectory. The clostest one is Q-Park Nieuwendijk. Followed by Q-Park De Bijenkorf. And at (11 minutes) walking distance is P1 Parking Amsterdam Centrum.